Saturday, November 23, 2013

Introducing: Duty Dogs

Years ago our 4 year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  Thus our journey into the Diabetic Community began.

Initially, we were shocked and somewhat dismayed at the thoughts of a life with diabetes management playing a central role.  However while at Children's Hospital we quickly realized the fact that our son's disease was manageable.  This was not necessarily the case for many of the boys and girls who watched prone in their beds as he rode around the halls on the hospital tricycle.  I was struck at the understanding that soon we would be taking our son home and many of these children would not return to their earthly homes.  This acquiescence began the process of God building gratefulness in our hearts for our son's condition of insulin dependency and for the tools used to enhance management.  We thank Jesus for the many tools at our disposal helping overcome the challenges this disease presents.

The most unique tool is a K9 monitor, Bailey.  Known as a Diabetic Alert Dog or more accurately a Diabetes Alert Dog.  We are proud breeders and trainers of these wonderful canine assets.  You can see more about our Duty Dogs by going to  Diabetes alert dogs help diabetics by smelling their changes in blood glucose or blood sugar.  The dogs can be trained to alert on highs or lows.  Thus helping to mitigate the extreme swings that are found in every T1D's life.  Lowering the peaks and raising the valleys of these extremes will help to lower the A1C results, thus lowering the risk of long term complications consistent with the disease.

This can be especially helpful for diabetics who suffer from hypoglycemic unawareness.  This condition causes one to not realize when their blood sugar levels are dropping dangerously low. Type 1 Diabetics who suffer from this condition are often found in need of support from the wonderful servants tied to the 911 services.

We are delighted to train dogs specifically to serve people with this condition.  A diabetes alert dog can help a diabetic return precious liberty and peace of mind back to their life.  These wonderful K9 monitors often allow the trips to the ER to be dramatically reduced for their diabetic handlers.

For more information on the offerings of DAD dogs visit our Duty Dogs website.