Saturday, July 26, 2014

We've had a Photographer!

We have had a photographer that would like to start pet photography business.  She asked if she could come up and take pictures of our pups.  We, of course, couldn't pass up such a great opportunity,  so here are just a few of the shots she took. 

We will be adding more in the future.  Hope you enjoy them!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Puppy Pictures, One Month

The puppies are growing fast, so here are some updates.  They are starting the weening process this week and are LOVING the puppy mush. Jackie is also happy to have more free time away from the pups. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tioga is off to Colorado to serve...

Sometimes things don't turn out the way you think they will.  This has been the case for our sweet Tioga.  When we acquired her last October, we intended to use her as part of our breeding stock.  We loved her solid, cheerful disposition, and she brought such delight to our team.

As we do with all of our breeding stock dogs, we had her genetically tested to ensure that she would not have any genetic issues with her eyes or hips.  Imagine our sadness when Tioga's results came back showing that she was "affected" with PRA-- bottom line, Tioga may eventually go blind.  With this information, we could not use her to breed nor could we in good conscience place her as a medical service dog.  So what to do with the precious creature?  As lovable and solid as she is, we really desired for her to "work", and not be re-purposed as a pet.

We started thinking about therapy dogs.  It seemed that this would be the perfect new job for Tioga, since their jobs are not to provide medical support, but comfort and emotional support.

Tioga has now left us to go and serve someone for the rest of her life.  Today Tioga arrives in Colorado to meet her new master, Amy, who serves others in the name of Christ using therapy dogs for Canines for Christ.  This wonderful creature will be greatly missed around our home base, however, it is great to know that she is on her way to serve and change another life for the better.

Tioga is a "bomb proof" dog.  We have dropped a pan near her sleeping black head and she barely acknowledged it.  Yet, as soon as you say her name she will jump up from a deep sleep, ready to assist you in any way you might need her.  Tioga is a great dog that will bring MUCH joy and peace to many in her new role as a four-legged ambassador for Christ in Colorado.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer heat

Combating the summer heat can be exhausting, but imagine being stuck in a parked car for 30 minutes in 95 degree weather. Combine that with wearing a fur coat, and not being able to perspire!  What if you didn't know when you were going to get out of that car!!!  Watch this video of a vet who tried sitting in a parked car for 30 minutes, and remember this next time you take your dog with you somewhere. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Finding Their Voice

As a puppy grows MANY amazing changes take place in rapid succession of each other.  Some of these are not easily noticed such as day to day growth, however, others like the eyes popping open are very obvious.

Our new litter of Duty Dogs puppies are growing fast and are steadily changing.  Lately, the young ones have found their voices and are using them heavily. This chocolate in the picture to the right is particularly loud.  As the photo was snapped, he was yelling to the world his opinions on life.

Another new change that has taken place is the eyes are open.  They are beginning to get a hazy picture of this new environment.  Newly opened puppy eyes have a cloudy haze.  However, they will quickly clear up to look normal.

These puppies are on their way to being reliable DADs, and we have high hopes for them.  The Lord is truly blessing our family venture.