Monday, July 11, 2016

Happy birthday!!!

Well, It's been a year since Jackie's most recent litter.  All the pups are doing fantastic!  This litter has landed jobs in all kinds of places!

Henry---This beautiful, settled black lab is still with us and continuing his training to be a Diabetes Alert Service Dog (DAD) for some fortunate individual. He loves to play, snuggle, and most of all WORK! He is such a problem solver, and loves to be out in public.



Chester---Such a sweet boy!! He is in Wyoming being a fantastic companion/therapy dog for an older couple.  Like his brother, he is such a fantastic boy and bringing much delight to his people.

Daisy--Petite and smart, she is also in Wyoming devoting her life to a lady she was placed with about a month ago.

Remington--This hard worker is in Canada being trained as a narcotics, explosives, and cash detection dog.  Her trainer has glowing reviews for her, work ethic and intelligence!

Fun to look back and see where these dogs have gone and how they are thriving!

Henry & Chester

Daisy & Remington

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