Thursday, November 16, 2017

Ten Things Only a Lab Owner Would Understand

Here are 10 things that we think make the Labrador the most popular dog in America. If you own a Lab, you will completely understand what we are talking about.

1. Your Lab lives for chasing a ball or toy. He will constantly bring to you anything he can get his mouth around so you can throw it for him. 

2. You don't have to worry about having a "picky eater." More than likely your lab will be happy to eat anything and therefore you know better than most how to teach the "leave it" command! 

3. Your Lab may be half the size of you! Yet he still is convinced he is a lap dog. 

4. You have the most loyal sidekick ever; he'll go everywhere and anywhere with you. 

5. You're no stranger to doggy kisses. In fact your face is probably covered in them constantly. 

6. There is no keeping you Lab out of nearby water. Whether a clear lake, a stinky cow pond, or his water bowl, your dog thinks he must be in it. Better hope you have a mud room! 

7. PLAY PLAY PLAY! Your Lab probably wants to play with you constantly! No matter how you are feeling. 

8. Your Lab has no concept of his cold nose, he loves to poke your bare skin whenever he can! 

9. More than likely your lab loves to make friends. You better make sure he never tries to say hi to a grumpy puppy! 

10. Your lab is a cuddle monster! He would get under your skin if he could! 

Any thing I have missed about a Labrador? Let me know in the comments! 

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